Abbey Library of St.Gall
Abbey Library of St.Gall


10 December 2018 until 18 December 2018

10 December 2018 until 3 March 2019

An exhibition project by Martin Leuthold with Siegrun Appelt at the Abbey Library of St. Gall

Upon entering a library, most people find the atmosphere rather subdued. It is very quiet, partly because books tend to absorb noise. However, if you visit the Abbey Library of St. Gall, you will certainly notice the creaking of the old wooden floor with every step you take.

This library with its gallery is two storeys high. Bookshelves alternate with window recesses on both levels. For the period of the exhibition XULLUX, the artificial lighting in the Abbey Library will be switched off to reveal the original character of the library hall in natural light. For conservation reasons, no original manuscripts will be displayed during this period. Visitors can experience the changing atmosphere of the library in natural daylight as the day progresses.

The gold and silver lettering on the spines of the books shimmers and is clearly visible, even in poor light. The effect produced resembles a huge luminous bar code. XULLUX is an installation with an impact that changes according to the incidence of light – natural and artificial – as well as its own movement.