Abbey Library of St.Gall
Abbey Library of St.Gall

Research library

The Abbey Library of St. Gall is a modern institution specialising in medieval studies, codicology and palaeography. The aim of the library is to maintain a collection of literature on the subject of the St. Gall manuscripts that is as complete as possible. In order to remain fully up to date, we are grateful for any tips from users who are well versed in these subjects.

The Reading Room of the Abbey Library has a reference library with the most important reference works and compendiums. Due to space limitations, all additional basic literature is kept in a separate storeroom, but can be viewed at any time.

It is only possible to view original manuscripts or incunabula in exceptional cases. For this you must send in an application stating the academic purpose of your research, giving reasons why you need to see the original (and cannot, for example, work with the digitalised version on You must also supply the name of a referee ( We reserve the right to restrict the use of originals for reasons of conservation.

The Abbey Library collection focuses on the following themes:

- Abbey of St. Gall
- Collection of the Abbey Library
- History of the Abbey, in particular the history of the Benedictine Order
- Medieval cultural history of Europe
- Palaeography and the study of medieval manuscripts
- Medieval Latin philology
- History of music in the Middle Ages
- History of the Catholic Church, in particular in Switzerland
- Catholic theology
- History of St.Gall
- Catholic parish magazines from the Canton of St.Gall
- Publications of the diocese and the Catholic Administration (Katholische Konfessionsteil) of the Canton of St.Gall.

In the above mentioned fields the whole spectrum of literature is represented, from academic works to popular literature, including romantic novels and detective stories.