Abbey Library of St.Gall
Abbey Library of St.Gall


Since 1997, we have been documenting our books electronically and these can now be viewed on the Internet (online catalogue). Our electronic catalogue also offers researchers the possibility of consulting the collections of other libraries in St. Gall (e.g. the Cantonal Library with its important collection on the history and culture of St. Gall):

In the online catalogue there are headwords to indicate recent literature on the subject of individual manuscripts kept in St. Gall. If you enter the terms “Stiftsbibliothek” and “Codex” together with the codex number you will see a list of recent literature kept at the Abbey Library of St. Gall on the subject in question.

However, if you want to find out whether a specific text is among the manuscripts kept at the Abbey Library, you will have to consult the old catalogue dating from 1875. Click here to view this online.

The work of recataloguing all the items kept in the Abbey Library began in 2000. Since then, considerable progress has been made and all the works kept in storage and in the reference library of the reading room have now been electronically recorded. The process is ongoing and it will be several years before all the books in the Baroque hall are included. Therefore the online catalogue does not yet provide a complete substitute for the index card system (with alphabetical and headword catalogues) at the entrance to the reading room.